Shah Alam’s man-made lake and other facilities draw the crowd

A park in the city

Shah Alam’s man-made lake and other facilities draw the crowd

WHEN it comes to parks and recreatlonal faclhtles, Shah Alam residents should consider themselves lucky as they have many of thesel

One such place is located in Alam Megah, Section 28. The park which was opened in 2003 is one of the largest recreational area in the capital city.

The RM4mil park is the second largest built by the Shah Alam City Council, after the Shah Alam Lake in Section 4.

Taman Alam Megah, which covers section 26 to 29 used to be an industrial area but now, the landscape has gone through a transformation with more terrace houses and higher end property being built in addition to the flats and apartments.

The recreational facility was created to meet the needs of the residents.
The land, previously vacant, has been turned into a man-made wetlands complete with a special underground water filter system to recycle the water.

The system was designed not only to clean the water but also to prevent the foul odour usually associated with man-made lakes.

The site is especially popular with families who like to take a stroll in the park.
“It is nice to come here, especially early in the morning or in the evening and the best part is that it is only a stone’s throw away from my apartment,” said Nuraini Ahmad.

The mother of three said she usually went to the park to unwind and have some quiet time in the morning after sending her three children off to school.
She admitted that she liked the water feature of the park most.
“Usually I would just sit on the rocks under the trees to read the newspaper or just relax.
“Sometimes I have my breakfast here on the gazebo,” she said.
The place is usually crowded in the evening, especially after 5pm.
Some come to use the jogging track surrounding the park or play football.
Others come to enjoy the evening breeze at the gazebos.
There is also a restaurant operating at the premises and this keeps the place alive at night.
There are also plenty of activities for children and adults alike.
Besides the ordinary playground equipment, visitors can use the monkey bar or try the hanging bridge or balancing beam.
But keeping the park clean is indeed a mega task. The cleaners do not find it amusing when they have to clean up the litter left behind, especially on Mondays
after the big number of visitors during the weekend.
At times, the rubbish includes pebbles and even pieces of wood. This could damage the system designed for the wetlands.
Vandalism is also rampant.
“We conduct regular cleaning work at the park but visitors must help ensure that they do not litter and dispose of their garbage properly,” said MBSA public relations officer Shahrin Ahmad.

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