Najib: Managing a diverse nation is a major challenge in Malaysia

On top of the challenge of managing the Malaysian economy today, managing a diverse society that is growing sophisticated and mature by the day is an added challenge, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said. “Before this, the challenge may have been small but today, people are paying attention to matters such as conversion (of religion), marriage, deaths, divorce and issues arising from the use of the word Allah,” he added on Monday.

He said for the country to move forward and for programmes and policies to succeed, there should be creativity and innovativeness in finding solutions, speedy execution of decisions, placing importance on outcome and ensuring value for money in government expenditure.

“These are our goals and the coming years will be about execution, implementation and delivery. In conjunction with the first anniversary of this government’s administration, I urge civil servants to remember the agenda, approaches and challenges that I have outlined today.

“It is our common responsibility to ensure the country prosper through the successful implementation of agendas, policies and programmes. Let us hope that Allah will give us blessing and guidance for us to carry out our responsibilities,” he said.

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