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Ooi:l cannot remain a fence-sitter
PETALING JAYA: From just blogging to active participation in politics, Jeff Ooi says he now wishes to be part of the legislative process of parliamentary democracy.

He also wants to share his ideas and collectively contribute towards making Malaysia a greater country.

The DAP held a welcoming party for him here yesterday, attended by fellow bloggers and journalists who wanted to know why he was joining the party.
“Tve stopped believing in the promises of the Government,” he said in a statement for his reason to join the DAP.

Reporters, however, were more inquisitive about his neutrality as a blogger, now that he had made a political stand.

“While I have chosen my political platform, I do not want people to misconstrue my intentions, which is why I have launched my political blog – – to
convey my thoughts and agenda. I cannot remain a fence-sitter if change is to happen,” he replied.

Asked why he left Gerakan, of which he had been a member since 2000, the 51-year-old blogger said he needed a new platform to effectively play his role and achieve his objectives.

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