Molest victim still in a trauma

ALOR STAR: The teacher involved in an alleged molest case last week has been temporarily transferred-to a district education
office. But the 16-year-old victim is still too traumatised to return to school.

The victim had to undergo medical counselling because she turns hysterical whenever she sees men.

A psychiatrist from the Alor Star Hospital had given her medical leaveuntil tomorrow.

The girl had initially sought treatment at the Jitra Hospital, but her case was referred to Alor Star Hospital because the doctor felt she needed specialist attention.

The victim also dreads returning to school because of taunts by teachers who supported the alleged perpetrator.

“My friends told me the teachers are saying things about me. They also defended the bad person,” she said when met yesterday.

The victim was also too afraid to sleep because the alleged perpetrator kept appearing in her nightmares, she said.

The victim’s sister said they had to take the girl for medical counselling on Sunday.

The doctor also prescribed sleeping pills.

“We are giving her all our support at home. But she fears stepping out of the house. The sight of men makes her scream. She is so traumatised,” said the 22-year-old sister.

The victim lodged a police report last Wednesday, claiming that the teacher had molested her in a small room inside the art
room at school.

She claimed that the teacher gave her RM15 after caressing her cheek, breasts and thigh.

Kubang Pasu OCPD Supt Mohd Karim Abu confirmed that a report had been lodged.

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