Biker brudders in Kluang

With a thunderous roar, 20 superbikers cruised through Kluang, turning heads along the way.

These macho men on their mean machines attracted a crowd at the Kluang Railway Station on May 6. The riders had stopped to enjoy a cup of kopi with kaya toast and the company of fellow Kluang superbike enthusiasts, including District police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamed Fawzi Arshad.

The public often had the wrong impression of superbikers because of the way they looked, said Fawzi who explained that on the contrary, they often helped the police combat crime. As a brotherhood of disciplined riders, Harley Davidson superbikers can work with the police to maintain law and order as Rakan Cop members. To register as a member of Rakan Cop, just send a mobile-phone text message to 32728 or DAPAT.

The superbikers were guests of Gunung Lambak Eco Resort executive director Roslee Yassin.

“We have regular weekend rides to various destinations to savour local specialties,” says Azlan Alias, founding member of Jokers Motorcycle Club. Their passion often takes them to Tanjung Malim, Raub and Temerloh.

And now, Kluang is firmly on their list of favourite weekend destinations!

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