Kite fest returning to Bintulu

Kite fest returning to Bintulu
More local participants expected to sign up for event in August


INTRODUCED in 2005, the successful Borneo International Kite Festival has put Sarawak on the world map.

Organised by the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA), the event is held annually at the town’s old airport.

Hundreds of participants, locals and foreigners alike, have been showing their skills and talent by flying beautiful kites with the Bintulu
skyline as its backdrop.

Apart from the local and international competitions, visitors were also treated to traditional kite making workshops hosted by experts.

Last year, a remarkable feat was achieved by the participants when a total of 1,655 ki~es were flown simul- taneously for 20 minutes.

This spectacular aerial display was an attempt to enter the Malaysia Book Of Records with an initial target set at 1,500 kites.

Held for its fifth consecutive year, the Borneo International Kite Festival will be held from Aug 2-9.

More local participants are expected to sign up this year as the organisers has started laying ground work and kicking off the event’s publicity campaign.

Last year, some 105 participants from 13 countries took part.

The BDA is hoping to receive a higher number of part!cipants this year despite the current economic slowdown.

Indonesia had the largest contingent of 35 participants last year. Other international participants were from China, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia, France, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand.

The kite festival also serves as a meeting point for enthusiasts and competitors from all over the world where knowledge on the hobby is shared.

On the local front, the event is also to promote and preserve Malaysia’s traditional kite, the wau.

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