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Archive for August 2014

Saujana Beach (Pantai Saujana) – Port Dickson

Saujana Beach Previously known as 4th Mile Beach. It’s name was changed to Saujana Beach in 2001 when beaches in Port Dickson were renamed. Having the distance of 0.6 km in lenght, stretching from Avillion to Klana Lodge. The name of Saujana Beach is given based on it’s location that is near to Saujana Hill,…

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Vikas International School – Sekolah Antarabangsa Vikas

Vikas International School Vikas is staffed by a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals. Each child is a unique individual who possesses inherent potential of different types.  The school’s objectives are to identify, tap and develop this potential. The student not only learns well but learns happily and in process develops into a confident,…

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Tham Wah Wan Temple

Tham Wah Wan Temple Tham Wah Wan Temple (Than Hsiang KL & SDE) was co-founded by the four late Dharma brothers “Xu Yue Zhi”, “Cai Hong Qing”, “Koh Ben Ming” and “Wu Yi Hua”. The temple was built by Master “Ping Xian”, together with Dharma brothers “Wong Pin Zheng” and “Teoh Pu Liang”.In August 1993,…

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3rd Mile Square

3rd Mile Square 3rd Mile Square is a shop-office development in the established and fast growing Old Klang Road vicinity. The shop-office was completed in November 2007 and developed by Mudahjuta Industries (MISB) for Tanjung Dikari. This commercial development consists of 23 units of 2, 4 and 5-storey shop-offices with lot size of 23’ x…

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Marhaba Restaurant in Sunway

Signature Yemeni Cuisine Yemeni cuisine is very rich in its variety, taste and flavour. The origin of the Yemeni cuisine traces back to its rich trading in spices that were brought from India and beyond. There are plenty of traditional dishes in Yemen across different regions. In Marhaba Restaurant, our exclusive culinary service allows you…

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