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Negeri Sembilan

Ulu Bendul Recreational Park

On the Way to Kuala Pilah from Seremban is the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park, which has long been a favourite of picnickers and long-haul lorry drivers looking for some shut-eye.It has a lovely Waterfall that is not too ferocious, which makes it relatively safe for children to frolic at the base of the falls under…

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Negeri Sembilan State Museum

The states museum is located at the Crafts & Cultural Handicraft Complex in Seremban. The building itself is a simply wonderful sight as it features the marvellous Minangkabau roof – shaped like glorious buffalo horns. The Minangkabau architecture is a proud tribute to the heritage of this group of settlers from West Sumatra who made…

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Sri Menanti Royal Museum at Kuala Pilah

The Sri Menanti Royal Museum once served as the royal palace for state royalty. It is located in Kuala Pilah. The wooden palace is built with Wooden pegs, using no screws or nails with beautiful solid timber pillars. Within its Walls you will lots of history, including royal costumes and documents of lineages.This is interesting…

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Pedas Hot Springs

Pedas is well know hot spring among the locals in Negeri Sembilan. This area is great for picnics and family time, with people flocking to it during the school holidays. Now there is a theme park incorporating the hot springs so there is more fun to be had. There is a certain mystique and sense…

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