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Kuala Lumpur lies just 3.13° (348 km) north of the equator. As such the weather is maritime equatorial (hot and humid) - days are uniformly hot and sunny with intermittent showers year round. As well days are almost universally 12 hours long with sunrise around 7.00 - 7:25am depending on the month and sunset at 7.10 - 7:30pm accordingly. Daytime temperature averages between 22° C to 32° C (70° F to 90° F) however the humidity is quite high - a sticky 80% so often times it feels much hotter.

Kuala Lumpur doesn't seem to have the more extreme monsoon rains that come to eastern side of the Malaysian peninsula but you can expect more rain from October to March (btw, monsoon refers to the wind, not the rain). However even during the wettest months there’s a better than even chance that it will be sunny for a good part of the day. Weather wise May, June and July are generally considered the best. As such loose and light summer clothing (preferably natural fabrics) is recommended, especially for outdoor activities like bazaar shopping and sightseeing.
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