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Malaysia is an Islamic country with Islam as the state religion. However that said there is, for the most part, wide tolerance for freedom of religion. This can seen in the multicultural Kuala Lumpur. The total population of Malaysia is approximately 21 million persons comprised of people from several different ethnic groups and religious faiths: Native Malays (aka Bumi Putra - "sons of the soil") are the predominant race with 59% of the population. Almost all Malays are Muslim. The next largest ethic group is the Chinese with about 32% of the populace. The Chinese are an eclectic mix of Taoists, Buddhists and Confucianists together with some that are Christian.

The third largest group would be Indians at about 7% of the population. Most Indians are Hindu but there is a large percentage that are also Muslim. The remaining 2% of population is mostly indigenous tribesmen on Eastern Malaysia.

However it is important to note that certain states of Malaysia have a stronger Islamic influence and tend to be stricter in social etiquette. For visitors looking to worship there are any number of convenient mosques, churches, temples and shrines.
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