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Malaysia’s Largest Pheasant Collection
The Taman Kuang Ajil pheasant farm is situated in the quaint town of Ajil, Kuala Berang. More than 30 species pheasants are reared on 1.7 acres of land including the extremely rare Malaysian Green Peafowls. The farm is the only one of its kind in Malaysia.

The Finest Wood Carvings in Malaysia
For Terengganu craftsmen, wood-carving is a skill that they are proud of. It is one of the oldest crafts known for its beauty and intricate art work. People, from near and far, look for Terengganu wood carvings to use for decorative purposes.

Malaysia's Finest Songket & Batik
THE MAGNIFICENT SONGKET AND GORGEOUS BATIK of Terengganu are part of the rich Malay heritage. For generations, these works of art have been worn by Malaysians-both royalty and the common people.

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