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Pulau Rawa or more commonly to guests Rawa Island Resort, is situated 16 km from Mersing. It was built in 1971 by the late Tunku Mohammed Archibald.

            Mersing is base in Johor Bahru Malaysia, Johor is the third largest (19,984 sq km) and one of the most developed states in Peninsular Malaysia. It is situated at the southern tip of the peninsula, just across the Straits of Johor from Singapore (with which it is connected by a road and rail causeway). Johor's population exceeds two million people, comprising an ethnic mix of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other groups. Its capital is Johor Bahru. 

            Rawa has its own ferry service to the island daily which can carry twelve people. Reservation for the island can be done at our reservation office at Mersing. The Boat journey takes 25 minutes and as you approach the island you begin to wonder where the resort is.

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Pulau Rawa peta

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