Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)

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Putra World Trade Centre
Named for the Putra World Trade Centre that dominates the area and plays host to many of Asia's most important meetings and conferences, the PWTC area is one of KL's busiest and important areas. There is a wide variety of hotels in PWTC from the larger convention hotels to smaller budget hotels catering to local businessmen visiting the nearby Chow Kit area.

This area, named for the Putra World Trade Centre extends from Jln. Raja Laut on the east over to Jln. Ipoh on the north and Jln. Sultan Ismail to the south and with the popular Malay neighborhood of Chow Kit on the eastern side of Jln. Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

This area was the centre of the city until the Petronas Twin Towers was built moving the centre of gravity of the commercial district into the Golden Triangle.

That said, the area is still considered by many to be the heart of Kuala Lumpur and a very vibrant neighborhood. Every area has its own unique character and PWTC is no different. Although dominated by a modern convention centre PWTC is still very much a traditional Malay neighborhood. An interesting place in its own right, curious travelers wishing to see Kuala Lumpur without quite as much westernization will find PWTC and Chow Kit much to their liking.

Nonetheless connected by the LRT and monorail visitors are just minutes from anywhere. That combined with hotels that are primarily owned and managed and provide a very high standard of quality and service at rates that are generally lower than those found in the Golden Triangle make this an attractive place to stay and explore Kuala Lumpur.
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