About Little old-fashioned road - Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

With so many modern malls in the city, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman may have lost some of its glitter but definitely not its charm

JALAN Tuanku Abdul Rahman Jalan TAR in short) was the main street in Kuala Lumpur at one time. It was originally known as Bata Road , so named because it began as a track leading to Batu village, limestone caves and tin mines.

Later, it was renamed jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, after our first Prime Minister. It is also the city's longest road with shops set up in prewar buildings along both sides. These buildings reflect changing trends in architectural design. The pre war buildings still stand though the more derelict have been torn down to give way to modern multi 5torey buildings.

lalan TAR was famous for the Coliseum Cafe and Coliseum Cinema. Then Globe Silk Store opened and shoppers flocked here to pick up affordable clothing.

Like a magnet, lalan TAR attracted businesses with shops and restaurants selling all kinds of things from shoes and clothes to watches and souvenirs.

Pertama Complex, Campbell Complex and Odeon Cinema enjoyed some monopoly on shoppers in the late 1970s to early 1990s.

Every Saturday night, a pusur nnGlurn (night market) from the junction near Sogo to jalan un Perak drew huge crowds until early 1990s. Nc,v it is held in the inner lane of jalan Masjid Indi, People come to pick up clothes, local product and sample some local delicacies

The neighbourhood flourished and in the eary 1980s, lalan TAR was turned into a one way street to ease traffic flow.

Narrow alleys between the rows of shops offer a huge range of clothes and accessories t bargain prices though you may also be able tr find collections of silver and crystal wares, Sog Shopping Complex and Maju junction Mall ar, also located along this stretch.

Today, jalan TAR may have lost its initial shine but it still retains part of the charm and peori still come here to shop and eat.

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