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Sunday, July 16, 2006

National Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil map peta

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

taman negara

there were fellow lifesavers kang ai and carol, and stranger yee mei, in a blue inokom atos. it's not the ideal car to be climbing the karak slopes in, but we managed. we managed until gambang.

jerantut was our port of call before entering taman negara. we were going on very rough directions, and when it became obvious we had overshot, we u-turned... at the next possible place to u-turn, which was Very far ahead. it was only after stopping at a rest area to pee that we first saw a map: karak, lanchang, temerloh, maran, gambang. jerantut is off the temerloh exit. we had gone nearly the whole width of pahang, after which would be kuantan on the east coast itself. joys of a road trip?

our jerantut stop was carol's aunt's, a huge old-skool bungalow. it reminds me of my grandaunt's, with large living/dining areas, large wet and dry kitchens, rooms partitioned with wood walls with wire grilling near the ceilings for ventilation. a corridor doubling as a store room, garage doubled as shed, a room under the stairs. homemade fittings, makeshift doors of zinc plates. it houses more than 1 family, so there were 3 sinks in a row, 3 bathrooms side by side, with plastic doors after the wooden ones have disintegrated from the wet. and a squat toilet too - very nostalgic. the kind of house which is iconic of a bygone era.

the next morning we reported at the pickup point, and were driven by our guide angie into taman negara. first stop was our 'chalet', which was a small room with 3 doubledecker beds to each wall and a cramped toilet - u went in, turned and shut the door, and that was it. u showered and shat and brushed standing in more or less the same spot. ok, maybe u had to stretch a bit to reach the sink. no matter, we didn't spend much time in there. so

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