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To see how important the Kuantan River is, take a ferry cruise that will take you on an adventure of the refreshing kind, writes F.K. Kok

Things To Do
Besides the river cruise, a walk along the Esplanade is equally refreshing. The sound of lapping water and riverine activities bring back fond memories of theearly beginnings of the town. Here you can also find shops offering clothes, handicrafts and dried sea products.

Ferry Service
The Kuantan Municipal Council (Mai Perbanciaran Kuantan, alka MPK) operates the service. There are daily departures. The maximum capacity for each cruise is 20 passengers. Day cruise: Monday to Thursday at Sam, 1 lam and 2.30pm Friday at Sam, 3pm Saturday and Sunday at Sam, I lam, 2.30pm and 4pm Night Cruise: Every Friday and Saturday. Cruise to the river mouth only. Starts at Rpm with subsequent departures every 30 minutes. The last departure is at midnight.

How much?
Day cruise: RMI 5 (adult) and RM8 (child).
Night cruise: RM5 (adultichild) For the above cruises, there must be a minimum of five adults. Charter cruise: RM120 and RM250 for students and non students respectively. For enquiries and bookings, please contact 09-512 1644

Where To Stay?
Accommodation ranges from the resthouse to budget and five star hotels.
Hyatt Regency is a favourite for those who like staying at beach front properties close to the Centre of town. Rates are RM280++ (garden view) and RM320++ (sea view) with breakfast for two. Tel: 09-5661234.

If you want to shop, then MS Garden Hotel is the preferred choice. It is located next to Berjaya Megarnall, Kuantan's newest, biggest shopping mall. Rates are RM198 nett (deluxe single/double) with breakfast. Tel: 09-517 1888.

Megaview Hotel at the Esplanade offers a good view of the Kuantan River and you can watch the coming and going of fishing boats. Rates are RM120 nett (standard single/double) with breakfast. Tel: 09-517 1888,

Where To Eat?
just a 15 minute walk towards the bus station from the Esplanade is a hawker centre with almost 100 stalls dishing up local delights from rice to needles. Prices are from RM3 to RM5 per order. As for drinks, there's tea, coffee, ois kocong or fruit juices with prices ranging from RMI to RM3

Getting There
From Kuala Lumpur , use the East Coast Highway to get to Kuantan which takes about three hours. Exit at the Gambang Toll Plaza and follow the signages.

As you approach the tallest building in Kuantan (Teranturn Complex), you will see MPK HQ an your right. The jetty is next to this There is no U turn option, so keep left and make a night turn at the traffic lights into Jalan Mahkota. Keep to the night lane and make a right turn at the first available turn. When you are on jalan Besai keep left and look for directions to the jetty,

There is ample parking at the jetty or at MPK HQ. It is a ticket or Coupon parking system at 42 sen per hour.

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Kuantan River Cruise map

Malaysia Kuatan river cruise Walking along the Esplanade yields pleasant surprises

Malaysia Kuatan river cruise
Fiddler crabs guarding thier burrows

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