Road Tax Reduce & Toll Rise in Malaysia.

Road Tax Reduce
Some Malaysian is very happy with the Road Tax Reduce.
Let’s look at the simple calculation below.
Road Tax Reduce = RM50 for 1 year
For per day = RM50/365
= RM0.1370/day (WAU!!!! What a big saving for Malaysian)
Syabas !!! To our Government!!!

Toll Rise
Imagine a person who is using Kesas Highway from Klang To K.L. (To & From)
(That means – using a full package on this Highway)
Past Toll Rate = RM1.50 per toll x 6 tolls = RM9.00 per day
Present Toll Rate = RM2.20 per toll x 6 tolls = RM13.20 per day
Different = RM0.70 per toll
For 1 day = RM0.70 x 6 tolls (To & From)
= RM4.20 / day

Normal Working Days for Normal Person = 240days / year
For One Year = 240days x RM4.20
= RM1,008.00 (Different – Old & Present)

As such, present Toll Rate = RM13.20/day x 240 days
= RM3,168 per year

But Some Crazy Guyz Work for 365 days / year
For One Year = 365days x RM4.20
= RM1,533.00 (Different – Old & Present)
Full Toll Rate Calculation = RM13.20/day x 365 days
= RM4,818 per year

For others toll ; you can calculate on your own… using the same method.
If Average Malaysian Salary is RM2000.00/mth. (For easy calculation purpose)
That’s means he/she will be spending his/her 2 months salary / year just to pay on his toll.
Syabas !!! To all Malaysian…. For Being Deaf & Dumb….

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