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Our nation's history is chronicled in many museums around the country and it is important that we reflect upon the past to appreciate the present.

Nationa Museum NegaraNational Museum, Kuala LumpurNational Museum Kuala Lumpur
Formerly the selangor Museum, the National Museum today showcases the rich culture of Malaysia. It has galleries for ethnological displays, natural history exhibits, traditional weaponry, traditional musical instruments, and ceramic artifacts. Temporary exhibitions are held at the central gallery. Look out for the istana stau, which is a palace from Terengganu that is made entirely from the prized Cengal wood.

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Address: Muzium Negara Malaysia
Jalan Damansara, 50566 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone:    603-2282-6255
Facsimile:      603-2282 -6434

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Museum of Sabah

State Museum of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
Sabah's sole museum showcases the history, culture and natural history of the state. It is situated on a 43.3ha site, located at the Old Palace Hill in Kota Kinabalu and houses a museum, an ethnobotanic garden, a zoological garden and a heritage village.


Terengganu Museum

Terengganu Museum, Bukit Lesong, Kuala Terengganu.
Covering 75,075m, this museum comprises four blocks of the main museum, a maritime museum, five traditional houses and a landscaped area. The main blocks house the islamic, textile, royal, historical, craft and petroleum galleries, while the maritime block is home to the Marine Park Gallery and the Seafaring Gallery.


Sarawak Museum

Sarawak Museum, Kuching
Built in 1891, it was further extended in 1911 to house Sarawak's native arts and crafts. Developed with the encouragement of famous naturalist, Alfred Wallace, who was collecting specimens in the state, the museum also showcases specimens of local animals.


Museum Kelantan

Museum of Regal Customs, Kota Baru, Kelantan
A place carved entirely of wood and intricately designed with floral motifs depicting the fine craft of Kelantan, this museum was initially built by Sultan Long Kundur for his grandsons. there are displays on the customs practised by the royalty of the state, besides exhitits and photographs.


Taiping Museum

Taiping Museum, Perak
This is the oldest museum in the country and it was constructed in 1883. It houses a library and several galleries with historical exhibits of Perak's history on Larut and Matang. There are displays of costumes of commoners and royals, fauna indigenous to the state, ceramics, aborigines and local customs and food.

Stadhuys museum

The Stadhuys, Malacca
This is a beautiful red building built in 1650 is a popular Malaccan landmark that was the official residence of the Dutch Governors and officers. After restoration, the stadhuys is now a historic and ethnography museum, complete with relics and traditional costumes from the past.

Kedah Museum

Kedah State Museum, Alor Setar
This museum not only houses artifacts from the past but also serves as the state's research centre on Kedah's civilisation. It has a collection of Chinese porcelain and the famous gold tree, that was sent to siam (present-day Thailand) in the 19th century as tribute.

Penang Museum

Penang State Museum, Georgetown
Nestled between Jalan Masjid Kapitan Kling and love lane in Georgetown, Penang, this museum, which is located on Farquhar Street near Fort Cornwallis, was formerly the Penang Free School. It is reputed to be one of the best museums in Malaysia, with a handwritten Quran, embroidery, costumes and historical relics on display.

Royal Abu Bakar Museum

Royal Abu Bakar Museum of Johor, Johor Baru, Johor.
This museum occupiec the istana Besar or the Grand Palace, built by Sultan Abu Bakar in 1866. founded by the present Sultan of Johor, it houses the treasures of the Royal Family besides an extensive art collection, the display of the ceremonial regalia, personal memorabilia, furniture and cultural artifacts that were accumulated by the Royal House. It is said to be one of the finest museums in the world in terms of ambience and display.

Others Museum

Army Museum in Port Dickson

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