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Labuan World War II Memorial
World War II Memorial


The World War II Memorial is the largest in the country and is one of the most visited places in Labuan. Located along Jalan Tanjung Batu, it is the final resting place of 3908 war heroes from Australia,
Britain, India, New Zealand as well as Malaya.

Every year, an elaborate memorial ceremony conducted in full military tradition is organised to mark Remembrance Day. Held on 11 November (or a Sunday closest to it) a-the serene grounds of the World War II Memorial, it is attended by war veterans from Commonwealth countries as well as famiy members, relatives and friends of those who perished in the war. You can get here by taxi as it is just a 1 0 minutes' drive from town.

Admission :Free 087-414611

Link: : Labuan Peace Park

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