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Labuan Seaside
Labuan Seaside Sungai Pakar

Labuan is located 10 KM off the northwestern coast of Borneo, adjacent to the state of Sabah. Also know as “The Pearl of Borneo”. It covers an area of 95km and comprises the main island as well as six islets – Rusukan Bersar, Rusukan Kecil, Kuraman, Burong, Papan and Daat.

Malaysia's only deep-water anchorage, Labuan is situated strategically at the mouth of Brunei Bay and is free from hurricanes as well as typhoons. Crystal clear waters surround the Labuan Marine Park – famous for recreational pursuits ranging from wreck diving, snorkelling, sport fishing to kayaking and island hopping.

Popular onshore activities include sightseeing, golfing as well as shopping as Labuan enjoys tax-free status and is an International Business and Financial Centre. This Free Trade Zone is one of the most accessible islands in the world, as it is reachable by air and sea. Well-maintained and congestion-free roads link Labuan Town with all parts of the island, while its beautiful islets are just a boat ride away.

Equipped with a wide range of facilities and blessed with diverse natural attractions, Labuan is not only an ideal venue for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions but also an exciting holiday getaway – the place where business and leisure meet.

Labuan's History

In the past, Labuan was a place of refuge for seafarers travelling across the Brunei Bay and South China Sea. The island, which derived its name from the word "labuhan" or anchorage in Malay, provided protection from monsoon winds as well as pirate attacks.

Labuan's history was marked by the rule of various empires. In 1840, the Sultan of Brunei ceded Labuan along with its islets to Britain making it the empire's smallest colony. Within years,its population grew from a handful to thousands of people.
During World War II, Britain lost the island to Japan, which renamed it Maida Island. When Britain resumed power in 1945, it assumed its former name. Britain subsequently ceded the island to Sabah
in 1963 when Malaysia was formed.

In 1984, Labuan was proclaimed a Federal Territory of Malaysia and placed under the authority of the Labuan Corporation. It was further declared as an International Offshore Financial Centre in 1990.


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