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puduraya stationThe Puduraya bus and taxi station (Malay: Hentian Puduraya) is the main bus station terminus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's situated near China Town (100 meters).

Puduraya station was opened in 1976 by the late former Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn. Long-distance buses arrive and leave from Puduraya for all over Peninsular Malaysia, and also Thailand and Singapore. Puduraya is especially busy during public holiday and festive periods.

As of 2006, Puduraya is currently undergoing a renovation costing about RM 3 million (around. US$ 817,000). Facilities such as a hotel, bank, and food stalls are located in the Puduraya building.

Pudu raya is crowded and very hot. Puduraya has a post office, which is air-conditioned. Everybody comes there to escape the heat having lunch and drinks.

From this bus station most buses depart to destinations throughout Malaysia, including Singapore and Thailand. So....for long distance destinations you'll have to be at Puduraya bus station.

Most of the passenger like to take bus here go to Genting Highland.

In the middle of the building rises a large hotel (Hotel Pudu Raya). Staying there one night will cost you about RM88.

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