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Merdeka Square


Dataran Merdeka has been a focal point for many events. This was the historic site where the Union Jack flag was lowered and the Malayan flag first hoisted at midnight on August 31,1957, our independence Day.

This was originally the cricket green and rugby field belonging to the Selangor Club, now called Royal Selangor Club. The field was reclaimed by Kuala Lumpur City Hall in 1987 and developed into an underground shopping mall-cum-car park, with a new field laid on top of it. Plaza Putra, as it is called, is also the site from which a 100-metre high flagpole rises.

Dataran Merdeka is also known for the distinctive and iconic Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.

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Merdeka Square


After Independence, the building became the site for the Federal Court and Court of Appeals, Both courts have since been relocated to Putrajaya.

The building's clock tower was used for the countdown to usher in every New Year.

Dataran Merdeka attracts a large number of tourists each day.

This historic venue is located between the hills of Lake Gardens and the Gombak River. In fact, just behind the courts, there is the famous muddy confluence that gives Kuala Lumpur its name.

Merdeka Square


Dataran Merdeka happens to be locate in an embracing concave of the Gombak River as it bends twice before joining Klang River.

This is where gentle homogenous energy collects and attracts people. Further north, St Mary's Anglican Cathedral is located at the convex of the river.

Properties located in the concave side ought to do well, provided their orientation is correct. This would be eastward to face the river or southward to follow the river flow. Those facing westward away from the river would struggle in business while north-facing buildings that go against the river flow would find its occupants experiencing mental problems.

Jalan Raja used to encircle Dataran Merdeka and the Royal Selangor Club. However, part of the road is now sealed off and turned into a pedestrian walkway.


Plaza Putra is an underground shopping complex-cum-car park. It has two entrances that face west and south. The south entrance is quite good as it follows the river flow. However, the west entrance is not as conducive because it faces the hills and puts the building's rear to the river.

I am not in favour of underground buildings. Hollow spaces in the ground disrupt the flow of earth energy. Energy simply is blocked when it encounters the blank space.

Despite Plaza Putra's uniqueness, Dataran Merdeka's popularity with tourists and proximity to the business district, I fear it is not likely to do well.

The Royal Selangor Club, which used the Dataran Merdeka's field for cricket, was and still is an exclusive club. This old Tudor-style building has two entrances but neither of them is ideal.

Next to the club is St Mary's Anglican Cathedral. Its entrance faces south which follows the flow of the river. The church is also located on the outer convex of the river.

Let us take a little detour across Jalan Kinabalu, where we find Bank Negara. The entire central bank complex runs parallel to the Gombak River. The main entrance faces south and follows the flow of the river. This is a good configuration.

What keeps the central bank-and the nation's fiscal health-going? The internal entrance from the car park ito the building, I believe, also happens to face south. If it faced north, I would fear for our nation's monetary future. An entrance that runs against the river flow would create problems.

Nearby, we find Bank Rakyat. Its entrance used to be at the back, facing the hill, into Jalan Tangsi. From a geomancy perspective, it is not good since it faces a hill and has Gombak River at its back.

Bank Rakyat was recently renovated and now has an entrance that faces the river. However, the entire Jalan Tangsi area sits at the outer convex of the river.

Merdeka Square


Earth energy does not accumulate on the convex side of rivers. As energy reaches the riverbank, it is stopped by the river and deflected in an outward dispersal pattern. Energy only pools in an embracing concave. Thus, properties in this vicinity may not benefit much even if they face the river or have their backs to higher ground. There is also the elevated highway, Jalan Kinabalu, to contend with. Not only is it now “higher ground”, but fast moving traffic create strong winds that disperse energy.

The Sultan Abdul Samad building is located just beside the Gombak River on the embracing concave side. This is a very conducive location and probably explains its durability. Entrances that face the river (eastward) or follow the flow (southward) are good. When it was used as the courts, this was the case.

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