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Kota Raya is an old shopping complex that, several decades ago, was one of the most popular shopping spots in Kuala Lumpur. Today, its role has long been superseded by other contemporary mega-malls located in urban areas around the city. However, it still attracts a strong crowd of locals who are in need of budget shopping and recently, underwent a face-lift, giving the mall a golden appearance with a more modern outlook at its location near the end of Tun Tan Cheng Lock Road, just opposite Petaling Street.

Kota raya have a wide range of shoes, handbags, clothes and textiles.

Kota Raya is strategically situated at the junction of Jalan Silang and Jalan Cheng Lock, which is the 'hub' of the city containing some of the oldest development in Kuala Lumpur. Its surrounding area has the highest concentration of financial institutions and leading hotels. Several schools and learning institutions also surround the complex.

The main bus terminal is located near Puduraya while three bus stops are available along Jalan Cheng Lock. The central train station is a mere a 10-minutere walk from the complex.

A small place, the shopping complex caters to a mixed crowd specialising in hand phone accessories, budget clothing, weird fashion, Audio Visual products, spectacles and shoes. The upper floors are entertainment outlets with arcade games and some illegal gambling machines. If you go further to the back, there are hair salons that sometimes 'double up' as prostitution centres for the cheap.

Connected directly next door is the S&M shopping centre, which does not actually stand for 'Sadism & Masochism' but an abbreviation of a Chinese name. Like Kota Raya, it has been given a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint and renovation works. The shopping centre is popular for its many DVD and VCD outlets that sell the latest dramas from overseas, especially from Korea and Hong Kong as well as Japanese anime. However, you can also get other stuff like fashion merchandise and IT products.

Kota Raya
Kota Raya Shopping Center
Kota Raya
Kota Raya Shopping Centre
Kota Raya
Kotaraya Shopping Center


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