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Things To Do Visit Kota Kuala Kedah and the museum there for a feel of what it was like in ancient Kedah. Also known as Kota Kuala Bahang, it is one kilometer from Kuala Kedah town. Use the route via the Tok Pasai Bridge. Along the way, look out for boat builders and makeshift stalls selling fresh and dried marine products.

Right next to the fort is the Kuala Kedah Yacht Marina. Although not open to the public, it offers great photo opportunities.

In town, tourists usually head for Plaza Kuala Kedah opposite the jetty where you can get all kinds of dried seafood. But remember to bargain! Do not forget the famous Kuala Kedah belacan (shrimp paste).


Where To Eat Seafood restaurants line the way to town but look out for Perindu Ikan Bakar dan Mee Udang. A favourite among the locals it is on the left, just after the mosque, if you are coming from Alor Setar. The seafood is fresh and cheap. The scrumptious mee udang, with three large prawns, is RM6. A group of four need only spent about RM80 for a hearty meal of ulam, squid, barbecued stingray and siakap.

For laksa, check out Laksa Zakaria Teluk Kechai at 250 Jalan Kuala Kedah for its authentic laksa beras at RM8 per kg. The chicken and beef satay are equally popular. Business starts at 2pm and bulk orders are entertained. Call 04-7621071.

Those who love Thai cuisine should go to the Blut Corner along the main road (on the left if you are coming from Kuala Kedah). The cooks are from Thailand and the seafood tom yam is said to be excellent. Prices start from RM6. Call Saad 016-4302634.

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