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Q : Who are you?
A : We are malaysian, we are a teams to collect the malaysia maps, you can treat us as map collector.

Q : Why you set up malaxi and why malaxi online?
A : Our teams leader is a salesman, one days when he going to the clients place, he get lost in Kuala Lumpur. The next days he try to buy some maps from the book shops, but he get lost again, becuase the infomartion inside the maps is incorrect and out dated. Finally he start cutting the maps from the newspaper, and post to the website for all the salesman for referance to getting the destination correctly.

Q : Why some of the maps look like a newspaper cutting?
A : We collect the maps from the newspaper, it just becuase the newspaper information is the latest information. And the newspaper maps is no copyright.

Q : How to become a maps collection team member?
A : Very simple, just post your maps to and your personal information. Then your will be come to our team member.

Q : What is the benefit become a teams member?
A : You can post your office location map or other location to the Malaxi and Malaxi will link to your website with the map that you post.

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