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Private retreat
If you value privacy, the Paku Pakis Tropical Resort bungalow is where you can holiday with just your friends and family for company, writes JOHN TIONG

The seductive beach near Paku Pakis

TANJUNG Rhu has one of the most beautiful beaches in pulau Langkawi. Its fine white sandy beach is lined with casuarina trees. The place actually derives its name from these trees, called rhu in Malay.

A walk here at dusk is a must, to enjoy the uplifting breeze from the Andaman Sea and of course, the mesmerising sunset.

At the apex of low tide, especially during the dry season from December to March,you can even have the pleasure of walking to the outlying islands.

During the day, it is quiet, unlike busy Cenang beach that is crowded wit tourists during the high season.

What To See
Located in the north eastem part of Langkawi, this self-contained enclave has basic amenities as well as lots of tourist spots within a 30km stretch including pantai pasir Tengkorak and other secluded spots along Jalan Datai.

Other attractions include the Ayer Hangat Village Cultural centre, an art museum and foundation set up by artist Ibrahim Hussein, Datai Bay Golf Course, the Temurun Waterfall and th Craft Cultural Complex.

They are very near each other as well as to the Paku Pakis Tropical Resort within 45 minutes driving westward along Jalan Teluk Yu and into Jalan Datai.

Ayer Hangat though, is situated southwards of Tanjung Rhu. Just drive along Jalan Ayer Hangat on the road to kuah, the main town.

The more adventurous can even book a day trip to outlying Thai islands Adang and Tarutao. Gua Cerita, steeped in legends and mysteries, can also be reached by a short boat trip from here.

tanjung Rhu

Where To Stay
Some lf the most expensive hotels in Langkawi, such as the Four Seasons Resort and tanjung Rhu Resort, are situated here. But you can also stay at the new Paku Pakis Tropical Resort bungalow that offers the comforts of the luxury resorts at a fraction of the price.

Paku Pakis is well-fumished, with a master-bedroom, a double room, a single room, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a separate common bathroom. It accommodates five comfortably.

Its allure lies in its design which emphasizes simplicity and clever use of space. The wooden gate is fitted with two round lamps, beyond which the driveway is edged by rows of well-tended ferns.

Giant earthenware jars as well as medium-sized one are strategically placed to give the place a rustic look.

On the right near the gate is a solid wooden pavilion with Bali bells. Walk over a little wooden bridge and enter the bungalow either through the glass door ate the living room or the dining room.

The place is so comfortable that all you’ll want to do is to laze away the days enjoying the seductive breeze and viewing the shimmering waves of the sea.

Sunset over Tarutuo and Adang Islands during the island’s dry season from December to March is spectacular.

Tanjung Rhu

Near the balcony, a little waterfall ends in a pool filled with koi. In fact, the balcony itself is built over the pool.

In the master-bedroom, there is an air-conditioner, a large television set with satellite programmes and a king-sized bed that can sleep three people. The living and dining rooms are decorated with wooden floral carvings.

The garden is cleverly landscaped, with lots of paku pakis ferns, to accentuate that tropical feeling. The fern is common in the country. In fact, you can find them just outside the wall at the front of the house.

Room service is provided by a maid who can also cook meals if required. The bungalow is for yours at only RM450 rent a day! To book, call 04-9665888.

Getting There
From Langkawi Airport, follow the road to Padang Matsirat. Then drive along Jalan Uiu Melaka to the north to Padang Lalang and from there to Jin Tanjung Rhu.

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