Perak's tallest Buddha statue  

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At Jingang Jing She Temple in Tambun, the tallest statue of Amithaba Buddha in
Perak will be officially unveiled

La st Friday, Buddhists celebrated Wesak, the Holiest Day which commemorates the birth of Siddharta Gautama Buddha, his enligtenment and his paranibbana (death) at 80 years of age.

Buddhists in Tambun near Ipoh had even more reason to rejoice as Perak's tallest Amithaba or Buddha statue had been erected in the area.Stading 24 metres high atop the Jingang Jing She Temple in Tambun, the statue will be officially unveiled and 'blessed'.

Vistors can climb the 194 steps leading to the top of the temple to view the statue as well as walk around. Relics and scriptures belonging to the late international Meditation Master Nepalese Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche are enshrined within the statue. It is believed that a walk around the holy objects will bring good luck to the devotees. There are 200 statue displayed in the temple, including that of the Medicine Buddha, Shakyamuni, Amitayus, Chenrezig and Chow Yuan Fatt Buddha statue. The Templete has five guest rooms and a special prayer room on the ninth floor of the 10-storey building. Visitors can also view the stunning Wolrd Peace Stupa monument, built by temple abbot Bhante Thong in 1972.

The construction of the statue and the temple started following several meetings between orchard owner Fu Ah Kau, 62 and the late Tulku who visited Kong Ngee Ngiam cave temple in Gunung Rapat in 1975.

Fu then started building the Tibetan-style Jingang Jing She cave temple. It was, however, neglected for about 30 years. Last year, devotees raised funds to restore the temple and invited Tulku's son, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, to conduct prayers at the temple.

In March this year, the reincarnation of Tulku was announced worldwide as a young boy from India. The relics of the Tulku were then enshined in the Buddha statue in the temple.

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perak tallest buddha statue
Perak's tallest Amithaba statue standing 24 metres high will be officially unveiled

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