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There’s nothing like waking up to the rhythmic roar of waves and watching the crack of dawn breaking through the purple semi darkness, this is best experienced on islands.

After hopping around the 13 islands in the Mersing Marine Park, it is clear that the only thing they have in common is their island status. Otherwise, each has its own distinctive charm and attraction.
This archipelago of islands is well forested and fringed by fine white beaches and colourful coral reefs with an underwater ecological system teeming with diverse marine life. It offers idyllic island vacations for sheer relaxation and sea sports set against a backdrop of natural beauty, traditional lifestyle, legends and sunken ships.

The dive sites in Johor’s tropical islands are among the best in the world. With deep, clear water and healthy corals, divers have regular encounters with magnificent creatures such as dugongs, turtles, whale sharks, manta rays, sea slugs and other charming sea creatures.

The sheer artistry of coral gardens and the wondrous colours of the exciting marine life that have attracted foreign marine documentary producers will certainly thrill underwater photographers.
The Marine Park can be divided into two distinct regions. The inshore islands of Rawa, Babi Hujung, Babi Tengah, Babi Besar, Tinggi, Mentinggi and Sibu are easily accessible and very popular with non-divers and snorkellers.

Offshore, 65km east of Mersing, Aur and the three smaller islands of Dayang, Lang and Pinang, together with Pemanggil (just 15km northwest of Aur) make up the rest of the Marine Park. Here, the waters are blue and dive visibility averages about 30m.

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