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It's just another beach, but the advantage Bagan Lallang has is it proximity to Kuala LumpurThere is nothing exotic about Bagan Lallang beach. But the fact it's just 45 mintues drive from Kuala Lumpur makes it a good choice for those who want a sniff of the seaside breeze and to comb the shore.

Looming pine trees provide plenty of shade for campers and picnickers who throng the place especially on weekends and public holidays.

In the past few years Bagan Lallang has come out of the shadow of the more popular beaches in Morid, 30kms away. Beaches at both places are somewhat similar in that they are flat and shollow and can stretch as far as one kilometre out into the Straits of Malacca at low tide.

During such times, you'll find people flying kites, playing beach games or chasing mud crabs. Children will splash about in the patches of water.

Bagan Lallang is popular for its fresh seafood and you can find several such restaurants near the beach that open dinner.

Apart from the weekend crowd, the beach is sleepy, quite place. However, it can turn into one chaotic mess during Pesta Air, Pesta Rakyat and other carnivals. In April, the Pesta Air, held over three days, saw thousands of visitor. Stalls lined both sides of the narrow road and the area was transformed into an open air market with music blaring from speakers.

An ambitious development project coming up is expected to give Bagan Lallang a boost . The 148-acre Sepang Gold Coast is scheduled for completion in 2009. The resort will have clusters of water chalets in the shape of a palm tree. There will also be landscaped boulevards, a golf course and a clubhouse.

These will add to existing facilities like accommodation, beach games and horse-riding facilities, playgrounds, restaurants and food stalls.

For now, visitor can stay at Seri Malaysia Bagan Lallang (Tel 03 -3141 2918; rates from RM 123) and several chalets owned by the Sepang Fishermen's Association. For details, call Sepang District Office at 03-8706 1211.

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